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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    :smthumbup $ 199.00 :smthumbup I am selling this brand new still in the box wideband gauge with O2 sensor and Bung because I bought the wrong one. What I am looking to use it for my software does not have support for it. I have not even open the box yet because it has yet to arrive. It costed...
  2. ECU / Mapping
    I think I may have made a mistake. I have ordered the Prosport Evo series Wideband with 02 sensor and everything so that I can log with evoscan. From what I have just found out in some threads is that evoscan may not support this type of wideband. Can someone shed some light into this matter...
  3. Technical Questions
    Please delete this thread I MOVED IT TO THE CORRECT AREA :goingmad:
1-3 of 3 Results