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  1. Wanted
    As per the title- currently have 3 Defi gauges in a pod on top of the dash, and it's not really to my taste. Want to put the 3 of them on the A pillar, think they're 52mm diameter. Cheers! :smthumbup
  2. Wanted
    I have been looking for a pillar for my Evo 4 for quite a while. I have even purchased one that never arrived, which I am still very mad about. if you got one and want to sell it please let me know if not please can someone tell me where the heck to find them at because all the ones I find...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Sold my VI a few weeks back as I am headed to Australia! Here are a few bits i have lying about spare. *Prices do not include postage*. Parts located in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Any more info call +353861909093 Gearbox i bought to replace mine which ended up being a tranfer box fault so I never...
1-3 of 3 Results