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  1. Picture & Video Gallery
    I`ve been writing these reports for the last few years now and sharing them on various forums. I met Russ is the Red Bull liveried Evo at DN12 last year and after this trip I realised I`d never shared these reports on here. I appreciate it`s about a VW Golf not an EVO, but hopefully as fellow...
  2. Trackdays / Driver Training
    hello all i am a soldier in the british army serving in afghanistan at the moment on our return myself and 9 others are planning to take our cars to the nurburgring cars include my evo x 385bhp mr2 300bhp 2x megane rs corsa vxr rx8 clio sport 2x bikes peugeot 207 lol none of us have ever...
  3. Picture & Video Gallery
    Just found this old footage from the Nurburgring in 1967. This was pre the improvements that Jackie Stewart encouraged, so the track looks very different, but still recognizable. I know it is a dangerous track now, but this footage scares the bejeesus out of me.
1-3 of 3 Results