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  1. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi all I have just started getting an awful noise from the front drivetrain of my 8. The noise increases with speed, and drones like a worn bearing. The noise continues if I dip the clutch when moving. It also seems to go a lot quieter when turning left, though the steering feels vague (I do...
  2. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    (1998 evo v 112000kms ) so i have a noise sounds like its in the drive train, started out as a faint noise on deceleration. but has become more constant, now it is a faint noise while driving and increases on deceleration. so i put the car up on jack stands and run it threw the gear and still...
  3. Technical Questions
    Hi guys, I was driving my 8 today and the car was driving fine like always although at speeds of 60+ mph I can hear what sounds like a warping whine. The frequency of the sound didn't increase with speed but it did disappear when I dropped below 60ish so I just put it down to my spoiler cutting...
  4. Technical Questions
    Let me know what u think..... Evo VI, Knocking coming from front passenger side wheel area when turning LEFT at any speed, over any surface, from a slight left turn to full lock. BUT... completely silent when turning right??
  5. Technical Questions
    I recently bought a IV but I failed to notice the loud noise it was making in the rear end. Whenever I start to speed up or get to 3rd gear there's a loud vibrating noise. The noise starts to go away when I'm slowing down as well. I've brought it to two different shops and they didn't find...
  6. Technical Questions
    My 9 is has started to make a knocking, creeking noise from the front drivers side. Sounds like it's coming from around the front wheel, I took the wheel off and i can't see any problems. The noise can be heard when car is pulling off and moving slowly, say first and second gear in traffic and...
  7. Technical Questions
    hi when i turn sharply from left to right i get a squeaky rubbing noise coming from pasenger rear ive had it looked at by 2 differant garages and they cant figure out what it is its a 1999 evo 6, any ideas?
1-7 of 7 Results