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new evo

  1. Newbie
    Hi. Today I'm going to see a Evo 8 Fq-300 black ( reg number L88 NUT ) and I want to know if it's someone here who know the car. And about what things I have to be very careful when I check the car. The dealer name it's Japcars in High Wycombe. Thank you...
  2. Newbie
    Just wanted to say hello before Japfest, so if anybody wants to speak to the new kid, I am in black Evo 9 GT!
  3. Technical Questions
    Hi, Tried to search function to find information about installing Evo 7-8 cams to Evo 6. I bought second hand evo 7 BC cams to my Evo 6. If I understood correctly the exhaust cams angle sensors bolt is different. So what are the required modifications and what bolt it is and where I can buy...