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  1. Engine / Turbo
    Hi everyone. I got this intercooler, the bottom one on the picture, straight EVO456 fitment. When I put it next to the OEM cooler I realised it is a bit different.. Has extruded fin core. I'm curious what make it is and if it is any better than the OEM cooler. Thanks for the help.
  2. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm in a need of the following items: EVO6-9 rear lower arms both sides, with the 2 rose joints and the rubber bush where the rear shock attaches. Can be new or used, but MUST have very good bushes and joints. Or replacement bushes-joints are fine but will need someone to fit them...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Brand new unopened Super Pro poly bushes for rear diff Evo 1-9 GSR (not RS). Part numbers SPF2544k & SPF2543K Located nr Doncaster [email protected] SOLD
1-3 of 3 Results