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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    ive got Motec M800 PNP board from EVO VIII RS in Great working order, with Antilag enabled, not sure about launch control. comes with MoTeC UTC Communication Module (360$ new) we switched car to Vipec so there is no need in this ECU anymore, no problems at all. this board will work on any...
  2. Newbie
    Hey ppl can anybody tell me what is the rule on this forum to post in sales thread? ive got Motec PNP for sale and want to drop it here also thanks
  3. Wanted
    Hey guys, As the title implies, looking for a good second hand ecu for my evo 6, with knock control, anti lag and a good amount of logging capability. Cheers, Julian
  4. ECU / Mapping
    Getting a Motec M800 to give OBD2 type output?? Hi guys. Can someone please tell me how to get information from the M800 like you can with a 'regular' OBD2 type ECU? I do find it utterly bizzare that an ECU like this seems quite limited today in how you can get and present that data on the...
  5. Wanted
    Hi guys, just sorted myself a gold boxed motec m800 and I'm looking for anyone who has a loom harness/converter for my Evo 5 for sale? New or used Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Blakey
1-5 of 6 Results