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  1. Vendor Deals
    Another great trip up to see John for geo set up and map tweak. Car drives a lot smoother and pulls better through all the gears. Can't recommend these guys enough. Anyone Cornwall/Devon/Somerset area well worth getting in contact with just drop them a message. [email protected] or [email protected] Back...
  2. ECU / Mapping
    I don't know if i need a map or not. Ive just got the car, Its and Viii 340 mr , the only mods are a decat and mushroom filter. Sometimes when stopping, normally when manoeuvring the car at slow speeds the car seems to bog down and nearly stall itself, does anyone have any suggestions. Cheers,
  3. ECU / Mapping
    Hi All, I'm booked in at M.G.Autosport for stage 1 upgrades :naughty: and was asked if i want SD conversion :confused: - Initially I've said yes without even knowing what I'm getting myself into.:wallbang: Target/Goals/Uses of my car: Daily 20 mile commute with 5-7 mile stretch of the M69...
  4. Technical Questions
    Hi folks need help. My evo x fq330 manual is in the garage to get this fitted Mhi turbo Upgraded fuel pump Full stainless exhaust with decat and turbo elbow Apex induction kit Remap I was told I could get up to 390bhp but after 5 weeks of being in the garage has phoned and told me that the...
  5. ECU / Mapping
    hi, just wondering if it is possible to have 3 modes with the ecu on a evo 6 tme? 1 for racing 1 for normal driving and 1 for maximum fuel economy? cheers for any help.
1-5 of 7 Results