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  1. ECU / Mapping
    I don't know if i need a map or not. Ive just got the car, Its and Viii 340 mr , the only mods are a decat and mushroom filter. Sometimes when stopping, normally when manoeuvring the car at slow speeds the car seems to bog down and nearly stall itself, does anyone have any suggestions. Cheers,
  2. ECU / Mapping
    Me again. Here is the printout of my friends EVO6. It has a walbro, 3port solenoid and catback exhaust, just as I bought her. We were curious if to take her to do a remap or leave as it is now. Running 1.4bar steady, I have been told it is a safe map on standard-ish engine. My friend is happy...
  3. ECU / Mapping
    Hi guys. I got this maybe silly idea, but worth a try. I found an HKS AFR Type L and started thinking what can I use it for. I remember from old times my mate back home put lean burn operation to the maps he made for DSMs. It came active at small load, under 4k rpm, between certain TPS, with...
  4. Technical Questions
    This has probably been posted before but i can't seem to find it. Anyone know which pins need connecting with the paperclip when reading the map on EcuTek mapped ECU using EvoScan on a 5?
  5. Engine / Turbo
    Just wanted say a big thank you to Team RG Rich/Pete/Dan for building the car and fitting on the T3 kit for us. Most of you guys wanted to see Non E85 results so this was the best time to show you what the MAP T3 setups did on UK Vpower. Also a big thanks to Matt at TRL on mapping the car on...
1-5 of 8 Results