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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    Skunk2 pro intake manifold for mitsubishi Evo 4-9 complete with aftermarket aluminium fuel rail and ID1000cc Injectors fitted. All thease parts are in brand new and unused condition!! They were bought new a few years ago, fitted to an engine build that was never completed so therefore never...
  2. M.G Auto Motorsport
    Hi guys, Gave you a ring but no-one's answering so ill ask on here. Wonder if you can help, I had a JMF exhaust manifold supplied and fitted by yourselves 2 years ago. The car has probably only done 3000-4000 miles since then and it has cracked on one of the runners underneath. Can you let me...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Found in my stock cupboard :lol: Used SPEC-R polished manifold heat shield "aesthetically designed to protect engine components and user from the heat of the exhaust manifold. Also protects the paintwork on the underside of the bonnet. Complete with Spec-R logo and Polished to Spec-R's high...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    Used Forge Motorsport polished exhaust manifold heat shield AFAIK These will fit Evos V to VII maybe newer too, we had it on our VI Bling up your bay a bit more! £50 collected.
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi! Fullrace forward facing twinscroll manifold for sale! And 2x Tial wastegates 44mm v-band. Used on three hillclimbs, good condition. Manifold: 700gbp (new: 1.100gbp) Tials: 350gbp (new: 590gbp) Free shipping! Located in Austria. Send PM or mail to: [email protected] for any questions!
  6. Exhaust Systems
    Thinking of getting my shearer manifold ceramic coated, the manifold is off at the moment an would be ideal time to get it coated, but before i go ahead just wondered what folks thoughts are, is it worth the cash, or would i be best spending my money elsewhere.
  7. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm after a turbine housing for a GT3076/3576 series turbo, preferably .82AR and Vband (Tial etc). Also interested in matching tubular manifold, wastegate, O2 housing, downpipe with it, if someone has any available. Kit must be AC and radiator friendly. Will consider a damaged...
  8. Picture & Video Gallery
    got my jmf and s90 from a seller on here yesterday and after a clean it come up really good i think :crackup:
  9. Wanted
    I may need a new exhaust manifold, any CTEC dealers on here?
  10. Wanted
    Hi all .... me again. My rebuild of my evo 6 engine didn't quite goto plan :( so im looking for a new engine to drop in now :) If anyone has one for sale please, would need it delivered to GL2 postcode area. Preferably from an 8? Thank you all in advance.
  11. Wanted
    As from title, I am after a new or used/mint JMf stock frame exhaust manifold. Just a few days of time, let me know if you have one!
  12. Private Sales - Parts
    Selling a few parts I've replaced on my FQ300, I have the bonnet, intercooler, radiator, manifold, turbo elbow and blow off valve. Thiss is the 1st time I've tried to upload a pic, so i hope it's worked! If interested please contact me on my mobile, 07824 452659, sensible offers please...
  13. Private Sales - Parts
    It's been such a long time since I post here on the MLR. Hope some of the old lads are still hanging about. Moses, if you're out there send me some blessings m8. :D Just want to sell some personal parts from my ex-race car. Custom made intake manifold to suit evos 4 and up. Built to flow...
  14. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi Guys! Here we have a mint condition with ZERO play in any direction Evo 9 turbo that hasn't covered many miles, so is a very healthy unit was currently making 400bhp at only 1.7 bar and has always been ran nicely. This unit has also always been warmed & cooled appropriately. Also included...
  15. Technical Questions
    How easy is it to remove the intake manifold with the engine still in the car? Thanks
  16. Technical Questions
    I have a evo 8 260. Mitsubishi advised me to change the 2 bolts and 2 studs format to simple 4 studs and nuts. However, their studs and nuts were pretty expensive. Anyone know where i can get the nuts & studs from other than mitsubishi themselves. Any comments welcome
1-17 of 17 Results