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  1. ECU / Mapping
    I think I may have made a mistake. I have ordered the Prosport Evo series Wideband with 02 sensor and everything so that I can log with evoscan. From what I have just found out in some threads is that evoscan may not support this type of wideband. Can someone shed some light into this matter...
  2. Technical Questions
    hi all i cant log adc/ayc/abs whit evoscan id all so like to bleed the adc/ayc im using evoscan 2.8 and have a 1.3 and op2 cable both not working i have pin 9 cut out of the 1.3 cable pin 1 and 15 on the 1.3u cable are linked iv all so checked that pin 46 adc plug is linked to pin 1 odb...
1-2 of 2 Results