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  1. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Any recommendations? Has anyone tried 55w lights? Does it burn out the standard wiring on an Evo 8? Is there anything else I'd need to change standard lights to Xenon? Or is it pretty much plug and play with a 9006/HB4 HID kit?
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Fq 300 rear seat (and rear bumper with carbon exhaust surround soon) E8 Fq 300 rear seat £45 E7/8/9 centre air vent and panel in blue (without mirror switch) £45 E8 rear bumper in black £75 Collection or Can courier at extra cost to UK or buyer can sort own courier Open to sensible offers...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    Im clearing up some parts which was meant to be fitted to my Evo 9 to fund my developments on my X. Pictures Tomei Spark Plug Cover £Sold This cost me £150 this item is brand new and has not been out the box just for picture purposes :smthumbup Arp Main Studs £Sold Perrin Interooler 3.5"...
  4. Technical Questions
    traction control light is on and need help finding the problem. The car is fuses are in japanese and being new to the :mitsi: evo dont know where to start. does anyone know where the control or sensor connectons hook up?:confused: thanks in advance. :blah:
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    set of standard evo 8 taillights (chrome type), in very good condition with all bulbs and wiring on the back, will upload pics when i take some, £85 delivered, will post pics up asap :smthumbup item located in aberdeenshire contact via pm phone or email 07971208891 [email protected]
1-5 of 6 Results