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  1. Technical Questions
    Hey guys, so as the title states, I'm getting a weird metallic knocking sound from the front end. I have no idea what it could be, since I can't seem to provoke it. It doesn't happen under specific circumstances, it seems to be absolutely random. Just a single loud Knock and then it's...
  2. Suspension / Handling
    Hi, Was after some help from members. I have knocking coming from the front suspension and steering on my Evo 8. Have done the usual stuff, checked play in ball joints and changed track rod ends but with no joy to cure knocking. When I wiggle steering wheel the knocking is there so I then...
  3. Technical Questions
    Let me know what u think..... Evo VI, Knocking coming from front passenger side wheel area when turning LEFT at any speed, over any surface, from a slight left turn to full lock. BUT... completely silent when turning right??
  4. Technical Questions
    My 9 is has started to make a knocking, creeking noise from the front drivers side. Sounds like it's coming from around the front wheel, I took the wheel off and i can't see any problems. The noise can be heard when car is pulling off and moving slowly, say first and second gear in traffic and...
1-4 of 4 Results