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  1. Technical Questions
    My evo 6 has a terrible misfire around 3500-4000 rpm. I tought it could be the coils so I’ve put in a Spoolinup COP kit. It didn’t fix the problem. The problem occured right after I fueled at an unknown petrol station. Could this be due to bad fuel? I’m running non gapped BPR8ES spark plugs...
  2. Technical Questions
    Hi guys, I was driving my 8 today and the car was driving fine like always although at speeds of 60+ mph I can hear what sounds like a warping whine. The frequency of the sound didn't increase with speed but it did disappear when I dropped below 60ish so I just put it down to my spoiler cutting...
  3. Engine / Turbo
    having searched the forum it would appear misfiring is a common issue for the Evo. I just wanted to through my experience into the hat and see if others agree? I was joining a dual carriageway and as i started to press down on the go go button there was a sudden and noticeable drop in power...
1-3 of 3 Results