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  1. Wanted
    As the title looking for an induction kit without relocating the battery , already have a Apexi filter just looking for piping . Also looking for a AEM Digital Boost gauge if anyone knows of one . Thanks
  2. Technical Questions
    Hey guys i own a 1.8 lt GS4 model, I know that this induction kit will fit my car however i'm worried about it being for 2lt models what can expect if i were to place this on my 1.8 ltr. Thank you.
  3. Lancer Chat
    Hello all I own a Lancer GS4, 2011 1.8 ltr petrol, there are no spercific K&N kits for my model of car there is however a 2.0 ltr air induction kit by K&N but my car is a 1.8ltr. I've seen 2.0 ltr get fiited to a 1.8 GS4 model on youtube however the video was choppy and so was the Audio so I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results