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  1. Suspension / Handling
    Does anyone have a datasheet or instructions on adjusting HSD MonoPro coilovers, mine didn't come with any.
  2. Vendor Deals
    Say hello the the brand new HSD DT range of coilovers! Initial stock is pretty limited at only around 150 kits on the shelf, but we have the full range available to fit 24 different cars in stock and available now! Starting at only £499.99, the HSD DT is an affordable choice and offers...
  3. Vendor Deals
    We are very pleased to announce that Driftworks Ltd can now offer all HSD HR Coilovers with 0% Finance. The application is easy. It's a full online application, and you can apply from any product page on the Driftworks shop - For our Mitsubishi Evo HSD Coilovers please...
  4. Technical Questions
    My 9 is has started to make a knocking, creeking noise from the front drivers side. Sounds like it's coming from around the front wheel, I took the wheel off and i can't see any problems. The noise can be heard when car is pulling off and moving slowly, say first and second gear in traffic and...
1-4 of 5 Results