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  1. Lancer Chat
    Hello! I was curious is anyone has or knows where I can buy a pair of Evo IV halo/projector headlights? I’ve tried looking everywhere and can’t seem to find them 🥲 I’ve also tried some 97’ Mirage headlights and everywhere seems to be out of stock. Photo is not mine, just a reference of what I’m...
  2. Technical Questions
    For some information. This car is not daily driven since the pandemic, kept in the garage. Once you get in the car the lights everything turns on, go to turn the car on it activates the dash and stereo. Go to turn the car on it starts to cranks but will NOT turn over. It does have an older...
  3. Wanted
    Hi everyone anyone has a lambda for an evo 4? Im going crazy to find out one... i can't understand why i can't find it on the web People tell me the evo 4 lambda has 3 wires.. i only find 2 or 4 wires I hope that someone can help me for this If you have got one you can write me on ...
  4. Technical Questions
    Okay so I was doing doordash, and this neighborhood I had to drive through had really big speed bumps, and I thought I could clear it, which I did end up doing, however not without it touching my front center cross-member that's brand new. After though, I checked to see if anything was damaged...
  5. Lancer Chat
    Hi Guys, New on here, still looking through posts but can any tell me if there is a bible/manual like Haynes for the Evo 8? Need to start looking at a few underbody issues/restoration on mine and a manual would really help at this point. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results