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  1. Picture & Video Gallery
    By any chance does anyone have a photo of grey revolution milleniums on an evo 8? Considering buying these for my car but couldn't find a decent fitted photo on the net! Thanks in advance:coolsm:
  2. Wanted
    Hello, I am after a grey/silver Evo 4 rear bumper, with the skirt also would be great. It needs to be in good condition or a near as. I am near plymouth if its local otherwise I would also need it posted to me if possible. I hope someone can help Cheers JAB1a :mitsi:
  3. Picture & Video Gallery
    Me and a mate got together at mines during the week when the weather was good for a few shots. I only have the car over a week. It's bone standard bar the alu rad and TurboSmart DV. All comments welcome.
1-4 of 4 Results