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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi, I have an AMS 5 speed Dog gearbox and I'm concidering putting up for sale.. Just after an idea of what the going price is nowadays for one with very very little use and what the demand is like..?? Thanks I also have the transfer with a brand new quaife diff fitted..
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi all, I have a x7a 5 speed gearbox for sale. Came out my old evo running. Ran the larger evo 9 flywheel and clutch, slight noise from input shaft bearings other than that she ran smooth. Anyone got a rough idea what they are worth these days? Thanks in advance.ì
  3. Wanted
    Let me know what you have with prices please. Pref freshly rebuilt with warranty. Also let me know the location, I'm in Birmingham.
  4. Wanted
    5 Speed Gearbox Evo 8, no crunches, grinding, knotching or generally any problems My 6 speed has gears grinding 1-2 and i would like to convert to 5 speed for a number or reasons Regards shaun
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello, Drenth Sequential Shifter kit for sale! This kit fits all Evo IV-IX 5-speed gearboxes, OEM and straightcut dogbox. It changes the H-shift design to Sequential shifting. Kit includes: Shifter, Shift rod incl. sensor for flatshift, Seq. shift unit, cable for reverse gear. Price incl...
  6. Technical Questions
    hi, i have a evo tme and brought a gearbox of someone as mine crunches in 5th slightly, i was wondering if theres away to tell if its a TME gearbox? or not ? maybe by gearbox numbers? thanks Tom
  7. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    This thread is to exchange your experiences driving your X with SST Getrag 6-speed wet clutch gearbox. I have recently bought X FQ330 SST. From some recent posts it was obvious to me that there are plenty of X SST owners willing to talk about it. My car has a powerful map on it (pulls very...
  8. Technical Questions
    Hi guys, I am planning to convert my 2.0GLS lancer FWD to AWD. My question is-do I need to replace my whole gearbox or is there provision on the current box for the conversion. Unlike most of m cars, I haven't had the chance to get down and dirty with my lancer to check the whole scenario out...
  9. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi, I am wondering if anyone around here knows what the are the diffences between the transmission from an Outlander turbo and an Evo 5/6 GSR. I know that the gearing is slightly different but what I am interested in is how much torque/power can this transmission take.(theoreticaly)
  10. Private Sales - Parts
    For Sale near Wrexham North Wales. I can deliver if need be at a price to be negotiated. Or pick up of course. This was out of my vii which had done 60k, the sychros were crunching at high speed into 3rd and 5th, so it's been fully stripped with the synchros replaced,everything checked and...
  11. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Ok so after hours of searching through the net still needing some help and a point in the right direction hopefully somebody has had the same issue and can give me some advise So couple of days ago I purchased another evo :smthumbup it's a 6 bit rough around the edges and been neglected for a...
  12. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. Selling for a friend of mine this very good condition EVO7 gearbox, which is an 5 speed box. Was perfect when removed, ran only 45k miles. Located near Southampton. Contact via PM please. Pictures will be uploaded SOON, mods please don't hurt me until then :D Asking 450GBP ONO.
  13. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi guys, I was driving my Evo 8 at a Time attack, and whilst going around the corners shifting from 2nd to 3rd the Gear got stuck in 3rd and couldn't be disengaged. clutch is Still new just fitted it Last week, and works just fine but I cannot remove the Gears from 3rd position. I Removed all...
  14. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi All, ID2000's for sale (Blue tops), done 291 miles and have 6 months warranty left on them - £450 free P&P E7 Gear box, 5speed. Around 53000 miles on it with a rebuild 10k miles ago. The synchros were upgraded. It was sometimes (irregularly) catching from 2nd into 3rd at high rpm - £400 +...
  15. Private Sales - Parts
    Selling the gearbox I've just removed from my 8MR. It was leaking oil into the bell housing and caused the clutch to slip. I suspect the casing is cracked or the seal around the input shaft is leaking. Internals of the gearbox are fine, no whines or crunches, never had anything more than...
  16. Private Sales - Parts
    Currently Breaking Evo 4 Scotia White Location - Maidstone / Kent Contact - Alex 07720 622378 E-Mail - [email protected] Drop Me a Text/Call/E-Mail I'll Get Back to You ASAP With Price etc Thanks For Looking
  17. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Ok so what I thought was turbo lag is my clutch slipping :cry: (I'm a girl what more can I say) It would seem that it is well on it's way out and I have had to resort to using my tail happy MR2 with winter coming oh too quickly! Can anyone recommend someone to do the work? I am awaiting a...
  18. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi all Just having my Evo x 300 SST remapped to about 360-380bhp and similar torque. Also having the torque limiter removed... should be fun, eh?! :smthumbup Just a quick question... what are your thoughts about timing of gearbox oil changes? I'd personally feel better getting it changed more...
  19. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    hi i am recently new to owning an evo so sorry if this has been asked before!!! i am at the moment putting a new paddle clutch into my evo5. i am also having the gearboc reconned because 4th gear was abit pants going in at high rpm,s so i have read a lot of threads on gearbox and transfer box...
1-19 of 24 Results