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  1. Other Mitsubishi Vehicles
    Original Pics of the Car Turbo Kit Stripped the head's right back Big service with new, Head gaskets, water pump, oil pump, timing belt, iridium plugs, magnicor leads. Fit new vernier camgears 350cc injectors. Bottom end work, New big end bearings, main bearing, oil seal's, PAR...
  2. Sprinting / Racing / Rallying / Drag Racing
    We took the FTO to Shakespeare County Raceway for some testing on Saturday and with only 1.2 bar boost we managed a 11.109 @ 140.64 mph and that was with high tyre pressures, hence no traction in 1st or 2nd, no full throttle gear changes ... it's going to be quick @ 2.8 bar A big-up to Nick...
1-2 of 2 Results