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  1. Technical Questions
    hello all wanting my evo 10 sst forging etc anyone got any recommendations? im in sheffield but don't mind having the evo delivered to anywhere in uk thanks in advance
  2. Wanted
    Hi Looking for a engine for my evo 6
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    SOLD Evo X engine, complete without ancillaries. Supplied, built, installed and mapped by Tim at Race Developments. Using a new, later block (with the :mitsi: modified lubrication) Parts cryogenically treated before assembly. With mapping time and one wet track day it has done approximately...
  4. Engine / Turbo
    Guys, just wondering how much it's cost you lot to forge your engines, I've currently got an evo 6 gsr and just had it fully serviced, new cam belt and water pump, new map and uprated fuel pump etc. should be running around 330/340bhp when I get it back but while I was at the garage they took me...
1-4 of 5 Results