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  1. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Does anyone know whether the Lancer GS4 flywheel is Single-Mass or Dual-Mass, and where I could get one? Many Thanks, Ed
  2. Technical Questions
    Hi All, My Evo X FQ400 is in later this week at MML Sports for a new clutch. I've ordered the Exedy Stage 1 HD Organic after struggling with the Exedy Stage 2 4 Paddle clutch for some months. Negotiating Spaghetti Junction at 5mph in rush hour has not been fun! Back now to country roads as a...
  3. Technical Questions
    Hey all, I'm putting a E8 5spd trans into my 98 E5. I'm wondering if I need to use a 4/5/6 clutch kit because i'll be resurfacing and reusing my E5 flywheel or if I need a 7/8/9 kit because of the transmission? OR does it not even matter? thanks!
  4. Technical Questions
    Hello people, I have a evo 9 I was driving down the road doing about 40-50 mph in august 2013 when my flywheel failed and by doing so it has destroyed my :[LIST][LIST=1]radbell housingturbo pipeswiringfront v chassis brace starter motoretc. The list could go on xtreme uk quoted me 12,000 pounds...
  5. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi there. I got a standard clutch assembly from EVO9. Consist of: Original flywheel I think OEM disc, will check Original pressure plate Ł150 or offers Good condition, disc has not much miles in it. Collection from Reading area.
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    £40 + delivery Good condition flywheel and clutch removed form a 5 engine due to engine failure. Refitting new clutch+ flywheel to handle icnreased power. So up for sale.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    hello, could anyone give me an answer on my question?! we need an (light) flywheel and/or good sport clutch for a 2.0 Turbo Starion. does somebody know which other :mitsi: parts will fitt on this? from a starion 2.6, eclipse.... or what else?! PLEASE HELP!!!
1-7 of 7 Results