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  1. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Hello guys, im a little lost with this issue, I have a E5 JDM, she is from Japan came with a little extras almost all tial luky I'm, so I start yesteday to clean a wire mess from the last owner, the car came with speed radar detectors but since in my country the police use cameras doesnt work, I...
  2. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    After an overheat when stuck in traffic with the A/C running I found my main fan controller was dead. It was quickly fixed using a small Tyco relay that I mounted inside the fan controller housing, driven from the ECU it switches the fan directly replacing the overly complex and problematic...
  3. Wanted
    Who has got a new fan laying about that is not needed....needs to be kenlowe high performance one. Thanks
  4. Technical Questions
    hey guys i have a problem maybe you can help me,the radiator fan of my evo 6 just wont turn on when the car its on the move the tempurature its normal but when i stop the car the revs go up and down like crazy and i can feel the heat coming from the hood.when i bought the car the radiator was...
1-4 of 4 Results