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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    As the title, Super Dragger taken off my Evo 8 (with Evo 9 Rear bumper). Good Condition, looks a little dirty but tip comes up clean. Located in Chichecter PO21. Would prefer collection due to Size. £50.
  2. M.G Auto Motorsport
    Hi guys, Gave you a ring but no-one's answering so ill ask on here. Wonder if you can help, I had a JMF exhaust manifold supplied and fitted by yourselves 2 years ago. The car has probably only done 3000-4000 miles since then and it has cracked on one of the runners underneath. Can you let me...
  3. Wanted
    I'm after a stainless steel quiet cat back 3 inch exhaust for an Evo IX. Miltek or HKS Silent Hi Power would be ideal. Must be quiet! Happy to swap for my stainless steel loud exhaust or just purchase. PM if you can help.
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    I have for sale my old exhaust and only done around 15,000 miles. The exhaust sounds great but was a bit loud for me so I bought a H&S. This exhaust has the 4 inch titanium slash exits; below is the usual blurb borrowed from Carbon Goodies, whom I bought the exhaust off originally. Not...
  5. Wanted
    Wanted used EVO X FQ330/360: HKS exhaust / downpipe - purchased HKS racing suction premium kit - purchased HKS intercooler hardpipe kit - still needed
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    Can anybody give me an idea what the following three bits of carbon trim are worth please? :confused: First is an exhaust/ bumper trim (never fitted from what I can see) Second is a fuse box cover and third a relay cover. All are in good condition, the catches are all intact and no corners...
  7. Exhaust Systems
    Hi guys, first post - been lurking for a while. I've owned my Evo 8 GSR (Jap import) for about 6 weeks now. A few weeks ago I bought a used Magnex cat back, a new Japspeed downpipe and decat. I decided to fit it myself and spent a whole day under the car, absolute nightmare. Firstly, I had to...
  8. Exhaust Systems
    Bought a 3" Turbo back de-cat system for my Evo 8 and recieved it yesterday, I have been having a look at the system and I have noticed that there is no boss/threaded hole or adapter for the lambda sensor to be screwed into. Was wondering if anyone has a solution?
  9. ECU / Mapping
    Hi, I'm a newbie and have just become a full member :) I am looking at fitting a Turbo - Exhaust Elbow to my Evo VIII 260. Car has currently Ralliart Exhaust, Ralliart air filter and ralliart ECU (not sure if stage 1.5). The previous owner also fitted a tubular manifold to the car. The car...
  10. Wanted
    Hi all, Anyone got a sports cat for the evo x? Preferably HKS sports cat off Evo x FQ 360 Will consider entire FQ360 exhaust. I'm up in the North East but can travel, or arrange courier.# Many thanks.
  11. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi there everyone. I don't need these bits, would be nice to sell them as a set, consist of: Standard EVO6 downpipe, in very good condition, no rips no blows, no scratch, only very minimal rust on heat shield area. 30GBP EVO6 original CAT, inside it is still very good, but rusty on outside...
  12. Private Sales - Parts
    FOR SALE used EVO 7, 8, 9 down pipe 3 Inch ( 7.62 CM ). 125 euro (obo) My new turbo brought a V-band set up so I have no need for this one any longer. The pipe is in really good shape contact email is: [email protected] Location Germany :mitsi:
  13. Exhaust Systems
    Hey guys hope all is well!! Looking for abit of advice.. I currently have a 05 evo 9 with a 3inch from turbo back scorpion exhaust.. The car drives great on boost going up the range, But if you rev it on idle above 4k it seems as though their is a lot of vibration from the first prop shaft...
  14. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi all, have my complete exhaust from an evo x fq-300 up for sale. Perfect condition, 2009 car covered 28,000 miles on it. Includes cat £250 Also have a sports cat from a fq-360 - again from a low mileage 2009 car £80 Parts are in Newcastle Upon Tyne, can arrange delivery if required. Many...
  15. Wanted
    Hi, As per the title I'm looking for a relatively quiet exhaust which flows well for an Evo IX, either manifold back (preferably with a race cat) or catback. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
  16. Wanted
    Looking for an aftermarket cat back for my Evo 8 GSR. Tried getting a Japsped one like my decat but everywhere seems to be out of stock!? Any recommendations welcomed!
  17. Private Sales - Parts
    SOLD - PENDING PAYMENT Taken off my 7 - due to upgrade. When my 7 was running 340/340 the exhaust with bung in was only 94db @ 4000 rpm. This is acceptable for track-days and even normal road use. I had loads of comments about how good the car sounded when giving it stick with the bung in, on...
  18. Private Sales - Parts
    A brand new, unused, unfitted Graham Goode Racing stainless steel non cat 3" exhaust system for sale. From turbo back. Suits EVO 4-6. Cost £800. For sale £200 Based in Midlands, can ship. PM with number if interested. Andy.
  19. Newbie
    Hi guys, I'm from Nottingham feel free to message me or get in contact. I've just got my second Evo which is an Evo 8 GSR finished in red. My first Evo was a white Evo 4 which I loved but then broke! When I broke my first Evo I purchased a Subaru Impreza WRX (which I still have) but don't...
  20. Private Sales - Parts
    Hello, I have for sale my TSL Firestorm ExhaustEvo 8/9 - Cat-Back and Decat Pipe. Bought from TSL motorsport in June 2007, approx 20K miles. It is a great system, but a little too loud for me - now replaced with a Milltek system. I would say it is "mid range" in the loudness department. There...
1-20 of 21 Results