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  1. Private Sales - Cars
    Would anyone be interested in my Evo 5, Lee Bells old car, very well known car, I believe there is a build thread on here about it. Wont allow me to upload anymore photos, if you're interested please message me and i can send them over. "98" Mitsubishi Evo 5 - 515BHP 3 UK Owners, Chassis...
    £28,500 GBP
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Evo enthusiasts, This is Alex from the island of Cyprus which is within the EU. I am trading parts for Evo platform 4G63/4B11. I am glad to announce that I have a billet crank that its quality is worth every penny. I don't need to explain anything else as pictures speak for themselves. For more...
  3. Newbie
    Hello :) After deciding I wanted an Evo around 2 months ago, and no Evo 7's interesting me in the UK (a lot of dogs, be wary) I decided to import one, and 2 weeks after starting the search my import company came back with what is now my very own Evo 7 GSR! Looking forward to becoming a very...
  4. Private Sales - Cars
    Sold Moderators please remove the add
  5. Private Sales - Cars
  6. Private Sales - Cars
    SOLD As from title I have decided to part from my beloved Evo, although I never still managed to really use it in its "built" form! Please refer to the car's build thread for pics and further info, here: This dream car is LHD...
  7. Wanted
    Hi, Please can you help? Would like a copy of this magazine. Would PayPal £30 for a decent copy. Many thanks, André
  8. Wanted
    Wanted an engine for an Evo 6 2.0l Turbo. Model code 4G63 Engine Code CP9A. If anyone knows of one or is selling one please let me know. Not Bothered with Mileage as long as it runs :smthumbup Thank You For looking
  9. Technical Questions
    hey guys.. i just have a quick question.. i noticed my car has making this weird flickering/tickering noise on idle after applying gas.. its sounded like "tttrrrrrrrrr" that's the closest sound i can describe it off.. lolz! i've got some video clip of cold start and this weird noise.. hope u...
  10. Private Sales - Parts
    Brand new in box set of HKS cams, 264/272, intake/exhaust. Firm on 250 UK Pounds, plus postage.
1-11 of 12 Results