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  1. Lancer Chat
    Hi I recently found a Evo for sale on eBay. The advert states it’s had 69k on the clock but some of the paperwork says over 101k and 91k. Mileage does not match up to the paperwork and advert. The car has had extensive mods including a forged engine. I can add one plus one on this however I...
  2. Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for 17" from EVO 8 ( or 9 ( Pics, price and location is needed when offering. Thank you
  3. Private Sales - Cars
    LMint Evo 9 mr fq 360 . Highest spec Evo 9 you can find. Beautiful example. Totally original car no modifications. Red, 53k miles Bodywork immaculate Interior like new Has the aluminium lightweight roof Everything works perfect on the car. No ayc problems which are popular. Flexible on price...
  4. Engine / Turbo
    Hi, just purchased a turbo off an Evo 9 (TD05HR-16G5C-10.5T) for my Evo 4 GSR. I plan on running the HKS 272 cams, already has a uprated fuel pump, 3" stainless exhaust, stainless manifold, and stainless elbow. Just wondering what injectors will i need for the best set up? And while I'm here i...
  5. Brakes
    Hi guys, Did a search and didn't really find any straight answers so I thought I'd ask here. I've just bought my first ever Evo it's a Evo 9 FQ340 running 405bhp now I'm looking towards changing the brakes and pads it's a daily driver so I don't want anything to harsh or noisey for the road...
  6. Engine / Turbo
    I'm just looking for some advice/opinions/experience of the following: If you had a 80 series completely stripped down and were looking to get it rebuilt, would you fit a billet compressor wheel for an additional £100 outlay? I'm asking this question because I am going to be sending the CHRA...
  7. Technical Questions
    Hello people, I have a evo 9 I was driving down the road doing about 40-50 mph in august 2013 when my flywheel failed and by doing so it has destroyed my :[LIST][LIST=1]radbell housingturbo pipeswiringfront v chassis brace starter motoretc. The list could go on xtreme uk quoted me 12,000 pounds...
  8. Private Sales - Parts
    --Sorry it is an EVO8 MAF, mistyped in the title-- Hi there. I got this EVO8 MAF lying around in my workshop, it is time to find a new owner for it. Nothing fancy about it, in good condition. Located near Reading. I'm after 50GBP for it.
  9. Private Sales - Cars
    Sadly i need to sell my pride and joy, cant beleive im even writing this advert but here i am.:blah:. Me and my gf have a wee baby on the way and shes not for me running our new baby arround in my evo, so needs must. car is used as daily driver and has couple litttle stone chips on front but...
  10. Wanted
    Hi guys im looking for an evo 8 or 9 somthing really cool if u can help please email photos and stuff to [email protected] cash here waiting on the right car cheers
  11. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi there. I got a standard clutch assembly from EVO9. Consist of: Original flywheel I think OEM disc, will check Original pressure plate Ł150 or offers Good condition, disc has not much miles in it. Collection from Reading area.
  12. Lancer Chat
    hi there im dan new to the forum, i own a civic type R at the minute and are looking to get an evo. i just wanna know some of the running costs etc, how old you guys are and your insurance costs you iv just turned 21 last month, i earn around £600 basic a week up to about £1100, and i dont have...
  13. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi Guys! Here we have a mint condition with ZERO play in any direction Evo 9 turbo that hasn't covered many miles, so is a very healthy unit was currently making 400bhp at only 1.7 bar and has always been ran nicely. This unit has also always been warmed & cooled appropriately. Also included...
  14. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Awrite evo boys, looking to get my transfer case rebuilt, does anyone know off someone near Glasgow or there about that's good and have used them, Cheers :smthumbup
  15. Lancer Chat
    Hey evo people, how do i find out what what number my evo9 fq340 is??? some one has stole the badge in the car before a bought it:( and were can you get new ones?? cheers folk :smthumbup
  16. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    hi evo boys, hope some one can help me, am a newbie to the evo world. every day the fluid in my atf bottle in the boot keeps getting lower, like from max to min in 1 day and thats it just sitting in the drive, looked under neath back end and cant see any fluid coming out? hope some one can...
  17. Technical Questions
    I have an EVO 9 FQ340 and just had the cam belt changed @ 21K (5yr) by Mitsibushi dealer. Since picking the car up after a couple of journeys ive noticed its running hot. Checked the coolant levels, rad is full hoses etc all seems ok. The fan does not appear to be cutting in by itself, running...
  18. Used Car Information
    Hello all Looking to buy an EVO 9, hoping someone can offer some advice. Im interested in either the FQ340 or FQ360 with low mileage, found a nice looking '05 FQ 340 with approx 30k miles which im going to look at tomorrow. Any thoughts on what a fair price would be and things to check when...
1-18 of 19 Results