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    Getting a show plate was so much easier than all this PhotoShopping.
  2. Technical Questions
    Hi everyone, just after a little advice just fitted an ayc pump to a friends EVO 8 MR which has been running with a knackered ayc pump since he bought the car (2 years plus) no pressure in the pump etc..... so fitted the new pump (used but taken of a working car) and now when you turn it...
  3. Technical Questions
    So my 8 decided to show the dreaded 3 ayc lights :smthumbdo I have had a search and had a look for corrosion inside the plugs in the passenger footwell as mentioned in a couple of threads on here All the plugs are fine no sign of corrosion, carpet was a little damp underneath but all plugs and...
  4. Used Car Information
    MV 04 HSZ Does any one know this car? any info or history about this? would like to know a little about the car if its been on here or past MLR owner?:mitsi:::D any info no matter how small:smthumbup
  5. Private Sales - Cars
    The time has come for me to sell my much loved Evo 8 GSR. As you will see from the photos and spec list money was never an issue when it came to this car. Looking for £11,495 but open to any sensible offers. The car is located in Aberdeenshire Scotland, buyer to collect. 2003 Mitsubishi EVO 8...
  6. Bodywork / Detailing
    Hello there, The Carbon fibre spoiler on my 8 has excessive lacquer peel and is really letting the car down in general, I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere which is good at repairing these kind of issues. Local to myself (Aberdeenshire) would obviously be more ideal but I am open to...
  7. Picture & Video Gallery
    By any chance does anyone have a photo of grey revolution milleniums on an evo 8? Considering buying these for my car but couldn't find a decent fitted photo on the net! Thanks in advance:coolsm:
  8. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. I'm selling the following items which I'm not going to use in the future. Removed from a low mileage EVO8 MR FQ, all near mint condition. EVO8 MR FQ 3 connector 3 row ECUtek licenced oem ECU, no case. 170GBP 1x carbon front canard drivers side new 40GBP 1 pair of oem cam gears...
  9. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm after a nice clean condition standard intercooler, can be off any EVO. Also looking for an EVO8 steering wheel, with airbag, also I expect it to be in nice condition. Please PM if you have anything. Cheers Ps: I'm near Reading, if that helps.
  10. Wanted
    Hi everyone. As in title, I'm after a 4 plug EVO7 or 8 ECU. PM if you have one.
  11. Wanted
    Hi guys im looking for an evo 8 or 9 somthing really cool if u can help please email photos and stuff to [email protected] cash here waiting on the right car cheers
  12. Technical Questions
    In the process of moving my evo 8 engine into the 4 shell but the subframe/steering rack is causing a problem. Could I modify the 8 subframe to fit? I.e make a plate to bolt to it so that it will bolt in on the rear bolts? Or is there a conversion kit available for it?
  13. Technical Questions
    Hi guys! I have a friend here in Norway ho is trying to bleed his ACD on his Evo 8, but when we take the ignition on, thottle pedal all the way down, we can here the pump start and there are coming some fluid out the bleed bolt on the Tcase, butnot much and after doing this 5-6 times we tried...
  14. Wanted
    Anyone got an evo 8 with a blown engine or know anyone who has one to sell. Got an engine that's perfect ready to be transferred.
  15. Private Sales - Parts
    Can you guys point me to the right place to buy a replacement foam rather than me forking out best part of £200 for a complete new intake, thanks.
  16. Lancer Chat
    hi there im dan new to the forum, i own a civic type R at the minute and are looking to get an evo. i just wanna know some of the running costs etc, how old you guys are and your insurance costs you iv just turned 21 last month, i earn around £600 basic a week up to about £1100, and i dont have...
  17. Private Sales - Cars
    Yellow evo 8, 54 plate 70000 miles, no mot due to blown engine, Just had 2 new tyres on front and 4 wheel alignment to pass the mot and that was all it required it just didnt make it to the testing station. Cheers 07590722180
  18. Tyres / Wheels
    Being a girl and fairly new to this Performance car thing, I'm a little confused as to which Tyres to go for on my Evo 8 GSR, it needs 4 :cry: Currently running on Bridgestone Potenza RE050 235/45R17 wanna keep the cost down a bit and get something that is not too quick wearing cos I seem to...
1-19 of 19 Results