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  1. Technical Questions
    hi, i have a evo tme and brought a gearbox of someone as mine crunches in 5th slightly, i was wondering if theres away to tell if its a TME gearbox? or not ? maybe by gearbox numbers? thanks Tom
  2. Lancer Chat
    Hi All, I'm looking at buying a Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition, I've loved these cars since they came out when i was a youngster :). I've seen a couple about so I've got an idea what i need to spend to get a mint one. I just have a few questions regarding servicing, how often are the intervals...
  3. Suspension / Handling
    Sorry in advance for long lead up to question. I have a set of koni struts 8741 1396 sport which I think were fitted previously to an evo 5 and I want to fit them to my 6.5 TME if possible without causing problems. When I check them against my 6.5 struts the knuckle mount holes are about 6mm...
1-3 of 3 Results