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  1. Newbie
    Hi all, Rather unfortunately the oil cooler vent/duct located on the drivers side of the bumper decided to detach last night whilst doing a motorway run. Does any one have a one; preferably silver one for sale Thanks Zain
  2. Wanted
    Hi guys, currently looking to buy a Mk7 Golf R, but have always loved EVOs, my old man had a tommi mak back in the day and has a 6 GSR now and I havent experienced fun in a car like the Evos :mitsi: Is anyone looking to sell an EVO 5 or 6, UK spec car? Not looking for a hugely modified...
  3. Bodywork / Detailing
    Would anyone have a picture of the inner metal support for an Evo 6 rear wing? My wing looks perfectly fine on the outside, but is rotted out on the two side mounting points....
  4. Lancer Chat
    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum since I just bought myself an EVO VI. I'm from Belgium and in this ****ty country nobody cares about evo's. Def not the old ones. Now I'm looking for some real carbon fibre parts, not the fibreglass with carbon. But I can't find many which suits my desires. Maybe...
  5. Private Sales - Cars
    Sad to say its time to sell my baby, Have had it since the beginning of 2015 and have loved every minute, It has been my daily driver for the past three years, with fully synthetic oil changes every 4000km. the car is very close to stock with a few modifications, has 156,000km HKS super suction...
  6. Wanted
    Wtb Evo 6 Fog Lights and brackets to mount to the bumper. pm [email protected]
  7. Newbie
    Im currently in the market for a reims blue evo 6. Im struggling to find a JDM gsr in reims blue. Im wondering if its a uk ralliart colour, help me out?
  8. Private Sales - Parts
    Hey. So ive been torn as to whether or not to remove my fogs and install covers but ive decided to go with caps and sell my fog lamps. Genuine PIAA in Excellent Condition, No cracks, Chips, Discolouration and perfect reflectors. Factory Fitted PIAA from JDM Evo 6 with Clear Glass. Note; the...
  9. Tyres / Wheels
    Good afternoon. As the title of this thread points out, I'm looking for information on fitting 16-inch wheel on an EVO6 with the standard 4-pot Brembo front brakes; namely for a hobbyist rally setup, just having a little fun on the dirt roads on the weekends. I have looked into this by means...
  10. Wanted
    Looking to buy my first evo, the 6 has always been a childhood favorite for me and now i'm finally old enough to get a decent insurance quote on one i'm deciding to take the plunge. Looking around the £8k mark if possible, Cash waiting. Also any info or tips to what to watch out for when...
  11. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. Selling my lightened set of doors which came off my EVO6. They are white, comes with door mirrors, door seals, ready fitted lexan windows, rear arch extensions, removed safety bar and drilled door shell to make them lighter. They are plug and play to any evo456. They have a few...
  12. Picture & Video Gallery
    this is my evo 6, any ideas what to do with the car? :)
  13. Private Sales - Cars
    Sold Moderators please remove the add
  14. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi everyone. LSD front transferbox removed from a low mileage (35k) EVO6 GSR. It is in good working condition, no whining whatsoever. Reason for sale: kept it as spares, not needed anymore Also selling an uprated turbo elbow from an EVO6 I'm asking 70GBP for the turbo elbow, pickup possible...
  15. Wanted
    Hello, I need ALL of the control arms for my evo 6! Want to buy them brand new. Upper, lower, front and back for the hole car. Kan someone give me a really good price on all of them together? Cheers!
  16. ECU / Mapping
    I bought a Evo6 with Pectel E2 ecu and nothing followed with the car... Do you have the programs etc software, hardware. Can it be mapped for 2 maps and have a switch.. its like a Motec800 babyboard. ALS, LC etc.. I know the Pectel SQ9 for the Evo can have 4 mappings at once:mitsi:...
  17. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi there. Selling this Brembo KIT from my FTO project. Reason for sale: it was an overkill on the little FTO :D Kit consist of: Refurbed repainted Brembo calipers from an EVO6 Braided brake lines Original brake discs very minimal lip straight and true no judder etc Worn OEM pads EVO6 alloy...
  18. Wanted
    HKS P/N is 1418-RM002. It's for my Evo6 CP9A. This is the one with the matching ellbow and DP in one kit. Kindly offer if you have one for sale, new or used. Both is OK. Thanks Chris
  19. Private Sales - Cars
    Due to an earlier than expected house plans, im testing the water with my Evo 6 (UK Tommi Mackinen) #31 2000 X Plate (Registered 12/2000), Genuine UK TME #31 (Cheaper Insurance), Been Maintained Regardless of Cost, In Very Good Condition, Just gone 75k miles, Been dry stored for almost 3 years...