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  1. Technical Questions
    Afternoon all, need to pick some brains here, my Evo 8 MR feels very light and wallowing at speeds above 60 mph. The car is very and i mean very seldomly used circa 500-1000 miles a year of late due to other commitments, but im wanting to fall back in love with it again and as a starting point...
  2. Picture & Video Gallery
    18 Months of owning my first evo after having it imported from Japan, loved every second. Best gamble I made, Partner wasn't best pleased :p Only comes out the garage during the dry, none salty months. Still completely bog standard, on original wheels. ( Evo 9 rear bumper I had put on ) Hoping...
  3. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Just need some help. My air conditioner direction button is not working.It rotates and selects different directions but won't blow air out on selected direction. Hope that makes sense. I have checked fuses but all seems fine. It's probably something simple but I'm not sure. Any advice would...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    I have a genuine evo 6 Ralliart Centre Console Knee Pad in Excellent Condition. Rare as Rocking horse p**p item! No idea what to ask. The only other one I have seen for sale is 2200 dollars. That being said, offers welcome. If you like rare parts, then this is for you! Pm me. Thank you...
    £1,000 GBP
  5. Suspension / Handling
    Hello all, I’ve recently bought a 1994 Mitsubishi Colt CA0 1.8 GTI (I think it’s called Mirage Cyborg R over there?) which I’m planning to strip it and install the Sparco Evo CS 702 95 Bucket Seats. For that I’m also using Sparco Seat Base and Rails. Unfortunately with this Setup I’m sitting way...
  6. Wanted
    Trying to build up a shell. Evo 4 gearbox would suit me fine, but anything reasonably priced would do. Let me know what you have: 07389727196 Thank you. Don.
    £1 GBP
  7. Want to Buy WANTED EVO 6, 7 or 8

    Looking for a clean and good condition EVO 6, 7 or 8, ideally stock or as close as possible. Mileage not a concern buying on condition, anyone selling a 6, 7 or 8 or planning to sell soon please reply or message me. Been several years since I had my EVO X, currently have a GR Yaris which is...
  8. Private Sales - Cars
    This lovely black Evolution IV RS has been used as a daily driver after it was first imported from Japan in early 2019, and forms part of a cherished collection of four Evo IV RS models. Since importing the car to the UK and registering it in Jersey (after an IVA regulatory fog light install /...
    £17,000 GBP
  9. Private Sales - Parts
    I want to sell my used Atp gt/gtx30 turbine housing with external wastegate flange for tial 44mm. Turbine housing is coated to white for better look (because of rust) and also better heat control (effects are not great). I can ship it to anywhere in UK or in EU with tracking number. Price...
    £380 GBP
  10. For Sale Delete

    Private Sales - Cars
    Delete please
    £0 GBP
  11. Lancer Chat
    Looking to turn my windshield wiper nozzle from the 4 jet stream into a mist style, does anyone know which car has compatible nozzles for the evo 6?
  12. Private Sales - Cars
    Mitsubishi Evo 7 gsr 5 speed 2001 Imported 2011 Painted in Evo10 wicked white really stands out! Private plate not included- reg is y788hkv Carbon front splitter , side skirts , rear spats , spoiler blade Norris designs mapped 575bhp (April 22) dyno printout available. Vipec ecu (basically a...
    £28,000 GBP
  13. Private Sales - Cars
    Mitsubishi Evo 4! Super Ultra Clean Car! Title/Registration Document in hand. I can ship it anywhere you would like it shipped to or it can be collected from my home in Bedfordshire. Never Welded! Dry stored. It was on the road last year until the engine and box were removed. It was running...
    £5,000 GBP
  14. Lancer Chat
    Hey guys, new here, I was wondering if anyone has any info whatsoever on the mine's built Evo's from the early 2000s. Stuff like what kind of modifications were standard, build numbers, verification, and whatnot. One has come up for sale in my area, the guy selling it doesn't know much at all as...
  15. Technical Questions
    I own a 99' evo VI gsr. 1st UK owner, 90,000kms. HKS hardpipe induction, turbosmart IWG75, Catback. Other than that its stock and original. 12 months ago it suffered an unexpected & catastrophic engine failure. I have sourced a replacement 4G63T removed from an evo VIII. This winter I am...
  16. Newbie
    Heey I'm a newbie just got my dream Evo VII after a long search. Looking forward to caring for it and learning more about how to do that! :love: I'll start looking at some meet ups around South East UK soon so hopefully meet some of you awesome humans there.
  17. Private Sales - Cars
    Looking for Evo X Final Edition Preferred White. Under 15k miles. No higher than $52k
  18. Wanted
    As per the title. Please pm me with what you have. The cheaper the better. Putting new bearings in the engine and thought it would be an opportunity to OEM+. Thank you.
  19. Newbie
    Hi folks, long time lurker, new member. I used to be into the DSM (Partnership between Mitsubishi and Chrystler here in the states, that produced the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser, all using the 4G63 and 4G63T) back in the early 2000s, but I eventually moved onto other...
1-19 of 144 Results