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  1. Wanted
    Hi everyone, I'm currently on the hunt to purchase my dads ( MT-EVO ) old Evo V in dandelion yellow, it was a well known car in the early years of sprinting. He sold the car back in 2005/2006, I would love to find it and buy it back. It was a crazy high spec track car, see below for a magazine...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Evo 4 5 6 ayc pump body for sale Does not come with solenoids ( body only) Used but in great like new condition Near offers considered Only selling as i have bought a CM5A rear diff so this is no longer needed Message me for pictures as im unable to upload to the site Contact...
    €750 EUR
  3. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Greetings! A bit unfamiliar with Evo 5's, but have an unassembled model that came with a Cusco twin plate clutch (with flywheel). We don't expect to exceed 450 CHP ever, is this clutch acceptable for our street driving expectations? An online search shows it is not an inexpensive unit, but...
  4. Engine / Turbo
    Hi there Please be kind to me - I'm new on this forum, and am assisting my husband with various issues on his Evo V. He is not new to Evos and has a lots of experience with them, but this is a puzzle. Cutting a very long story short, we find ourselves with new cams but no followers, and after...
  5. Newbie
    Hey folks, I started a thread over on, but they've directed me over to you fine folks (and cautioned me strongly against an Evo V, because of parts supply issues in North America). I gather that you're mostly a European group, likely UK (lived in Leicester for a while, go Foxes)...
  6. Engine / Turbo
    Hey guys got an evo V and looking to do some upgrades over the summer, mainly looking to get some more power!!! haha. But yes, any suggestions would be great thanks.:lol:
  7. Used Car Information At Clive's performance in Lancashire. Any info would be great Thanks
  8. Picture & Video Gallery
    Well last week I had a friend go and change my brake pads on my E5. He said that since he's doing that, if I want to have my calipers repainted as they were STi pink. Of course I would say yes, I'm sure anyone would :smthumbup So go a VHT Caliper spray at our local automotive store. About 6...
  9. Technical Questions
    Hey guys just imported a Evo V GSR into Edmonton, Canada, and i have no idea on the oil filter size, for the Japanese one does not have a size and i can't find any that fit. If anyone could help me out that would be great thanks.
  10. Exhaust Systems
    Hi guys I really like the dual exhaust outlet look of the new 2014 subaru wrxs. I was wondering if anyone has tried to put a dual exhaust outlet system on their VI, V, VI and how they went about doing it because my local exhaust shop said the AYC module will be a problem. Regards blitzboyii
  11. Wanted
    As above, I am looking for an Evo V Not too concerned on what colour aslong as it is in a good mechanical and clean condition. Thanks
  12. Newbie
    Hi guys Just a hello from South Africa. Awesome forum with tons of info, tips and trick. I just took possession of a JDM Evo 5 a week ago. The car is still bone stock with absolutely no work done to it. I have been searching the forum with regards to a question I have. I see lots of info on...
  13. Wanted
    I´m looking for a Block or a complete shortblock. If it´s a forged shortblock it´s even better! Pm or mail what you got. [email protected] Regards Johan Sweden
  14. Suspension / Handling
    Are Bilstein B6 shocks for later models a direct fit to the Evo V? e.g. Camskill sell a set for the 7 and 8 (but not he 5)
  15. Wanted
    Looking for standard N/S/F shock absorber. Must not be knocking or leaking as that's the problem I'm trying to fix :) Thanks!
  16. Wanted
    My gaiter is tatty looking for an excellent condition one for an Evo V (I have a ralliart gearknob if that makes any difference)
  17. Wanted
    Im after a working switching unit for the electric windows from an Evo V
1-17 of 17 Results