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evo rs

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    It is unfortunately time to sell me beloved evo 2 RS the only reason being is that I have a baby on the way due in August so I've been told I need something "family oriented" lol I'll give the best discription of the car that I can for you all and thanks for looking 1994 Evo 2 RS 170,000KM 10...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi! For sale is a new complete SQS Dogbox: Group N Ratios: 1st - 3,000 2nd - 2,000 3rd - 1,471 4th - 1,111 5th - 0,857 Finaldrive - 4,308 Also available: long 1st - 2,917 and Finaldrive - 4,875 (can change if you like) Its new fitted, and tested for around 50km. Was spare for rallye...