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  1. Private Sales - Cars
    Mitsubishi Evo 4! Super Ultra Clean Car! Title/Registration Document in hand. I can ship it anywhere you would like it shipped to or it can be collected from my home in Bedfordshire. Never Welded! Dry stored. It was on the road last year until the engine and box were removed. It was running...
    £5,000 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Hey everyone! I’m losing my mind looking for the hood vent for my Evo IV. I also tried looking up the vent for a Colt version R as I’ve heard it fits the same but still no luck. Anyone have one for sale? Must have the rubber surrounding in tact. Willing to pay shipping.
  3. Wanted
    Hey there, Looking for a rolling shell of an Evo 4, ideally still with the electrics still left in. Must be rust-free and not totally FUBARed. Anyone who's selling one or can point me towards one, get in touch. Cheers.
  4. Lancer Chat
    Hi, I went to have a look at an Evo IV and fell in love with it. However, when I saw the registration document it said that it was manufactured in 1990 with the chassis code "CSNC64" followed by eight more characters (total of 14 characters instead of the usual 17). I immediately assumed that it...
  5. Wanted
    As above, looking for new oil filter housing (filter snapped off). I don't know if I can use a later model Evo housing but if I can and a conversion kit for the banjo fittings exist (i think my evo IV oil lines are smaller than later models), I'm open to that as well.
  6. Private Sales - Cars
    Mitsubishi Evo 4 IV for sale - Mileage is 138842 - Evo 7 Engine - Car imported in 1999 and I am second owner since - MOT 19/12/2015 - Last service Aug 2015 - Worked carried out by Neils Autos in my owner ship (see photo) - Radiator, Battery, N.S Track Rod End / N/S Rackgator / Brake Pads /...
  7. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi, days ago i refilled my AYC reservoir tank, after a week i'm noticed that the reservoir is empty, my mechanic checked the differential oil and noticed that the ayc oil is mixing with the rear differential oil, he says that i need to buy the oil seal retainers to solve the problem. I found...
  8. Private Sales - Cars
    SOLD We bought this car off the forum in December 2011 complete with a crankwalk engine, I then acquired a VII engine (again advertised on here) and took the whole lot to Nick at NR Autosport. The guys fitted the engine, ancillaries etc, a new fuel pump, cambelt and few other bits and got the...
  9. Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for a Evo 4. I've been looking for a nice Evo 4 for a while here in Sweden, but there aren't many on the market, so the plan is to import one instead. However because of this I've 2 requirements. First of, most of the car need to be original, especially the engine. If...
  10. Technical Questions
    hey guys.. i just have a quick question.. i noticed my car has making this weird flickering/tickering noise on idle after applying gas.. its sounded like "tttrrrrrrrrr" that's the closest sound i can describe it off.. lolz! i've got some video clip of cold start and this weird noise.. hope u...
  11. Technical Questions
    I recently bought a IV but I failed to notice the loud noise it was making in the rear end. Whenever I start to speed up or get to 3rd gear there's a loud vibrating noise. The noise starts to go away when I'm slowing down as well. I've brought it to two different shops and they didn't find...
1-11 of 11 Results