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  1. Lancer Chat
    Hi Guys, New on here, still looking through posts but can any tell me if there is a bible/manual like Haynes for the Evo 8? Need to start looking at a few underbody issues/restoration on mine and a manual would really help at this point. Thanks
  2. Picture & Video Gallery
    2003 Mitsubishi VIII RS Imported Into The Country February 2017 2.3 Stroker Build Running Owen Developments GBT 6176 Turbo 626.7 BHP / 590 FtLb Engine 2.3L Norris Designs Short Block (100mm Stroker Camshaft, ND 85.5mm Pistons, Manley 150mm I Beam Rods, ACL Bearings, ARP Main Stud Kit) Head...
  3. Wanted
    Hi, does anyone have an evo 8, 9 or 10 for sale? Thanks
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    Evo 8 Headlights (HID with fog lights, UK beam pattern) Hey guys, I'm selling my front headlights from my 8 HID with fog lights Removed them as I needed EU beam pattern after moving to Netherlands. Headlights are in full working order, they had fisheye mesh over them as you'll see, so...
  5. Wanted
    Hi All, Been a long time fan of the Evo and have decided to take the plunge! Ideally looking for a 9 but would also consider an 8 if running 400hp+. Budget is up to £21,000 for the perfect car. Open to relatively stock cars or built cars. Sub 70k miles 5 speed Full history No crash damage...
  6. Wanted
    Let me know what you have with prices please. Pref freshly rebuilt with warranty. Also let me know the location, I'm in Birmingham.
  7. Engine / Turbo
    Hi guys, new to the whole evo scene, ive just bought an evo 8 fq330, it has vipec stand alone management, an evo 9 "80 series" turbo, and greddy boost controller. the car runs fine (a bit flat and boring) on low boost (about 1 bar) and it runs good (a lot more lively but still feels a tiny bit...
  8. Wanted
    Afternoon all, I'm after a set of original Enkei wheels from an Evo 8. Preferably in silver and in good condition but anything considered. Many thanks, Dan
  9. Wanted
    Hi guys, first post and its a wanted post... viewed a few cars and know basically all the ones on ebay, pistonheads e.t.c well but nothing taking my fancy TBH, What have you guys got to offer?? not after a 'big build' forged or stroked etc, a clean, low ish miles car with basic mods would be...
  10. Wanted
    Evo 8/9 fq 320, really clean, pref Palma red
  11. Private Sales - Cars
    Evo VIII 260, unmolested. Berkshire. NOW SOLD CAR NOW SOLD Anyone interested in buying a 260? This is the '260' Euro-spec model, with wider seats, clearer dials, (stronger) five-speed gearbox, isofix child seat mounts and other minor tweaks to make it a legal import, not a grey import...
  12. Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for 17" from EVO 8 ( or 9 ( Pics, price and location is needed when offering. Thank you
  13. Wanted
    Hi everyone, I'm searching for a genuine mitsubishi evo 8 rear wing (evo 9 is ok, but evo 8 one is preferred, the one with the internal parts in not painted carbon fiber). if it is complete with its bootlid it will be good. But the wing alone is good too. Best if it comes from a black evo...
  14. Private Sales - Cars
    Hi guys im selling my evo 8 gsr latest model made 06plate (Silver)It is completely standard outputing 260bhp. It is hpi clear and accident free, the current mileage is 97k all backed up vosa verified. I have loads of paperwork with it i just recently refurbed the alloys in black. I have upgraded...
  15. Technical Questions
    I currently have an evo 4 with an evo 6 motor, still running the evo 4 turbo. I am going to get it tuned at some stage soon and would like to know if it would be worth while me upgrading the turbo to an evo 8 turbo. A TD05-HRA-9.8T is the turbo that I am thinking about as it has the titanium...
  16. Technical Questions
    Iv just swapped an engine in my 8 and iv got one cylinder that doesn't seem to be firing as the other 3 manifolds are getting hot but this one isn't. Iv swapped coil packs around and still misses on the same cylinder. I swapped injectors around and still misses on the same cylinder. I'm pretty...
  17. Newbie
    Hi there, In the process of trying to find a nice evo 8 to buy, only going to keep for around a year so would prefer modded one rather than standard unless it was a good car for good money, i have £11500 max to spend and no real preference in colour. Was just wondered what bad bits to look out...
  18. Bodywork / Detailing
    Hi all, just wanted to get other peoples opinions/thoughts on the Carbon front splitter on the evo 8? I've got one and it scrapes on everything! this is partially down to the fact i have HSD MonoPro Coil-overs but even when i take it slowly drive over speed humps diagonally i still wince as i...
1-19 of 53 Results