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    Private Sales - Cars
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  2. Technical Questions
    Hi guys, Recently blew my ayc diff in my EvoV. Been a headache trying to get it rebuilt. Considering RS diff swap but just have a few concerns: 1. Any idea what type of diff this is (open or lsd) - part# on the diff mr145011. I believe its evo 4 rs but not sure, seller says for 5/6's - the...
  3. Technical Questions
    hi all, recently my 5 started to whine from the rear, was quiet at first but got louder throughout the day. it whines while parked as well. the ayc fluid looks to be ok, but i havent changed it. is this the ayc pump dying or do i need to change fluids? or is the cause something else? and what...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    For sale I have a pair of original Evo 5 front seats with seat mounts. No longer required as now have bucket seats. Overall in good condition. Usual wear on drivers bolster and a little bit on passenger seat, please see photos for these areas. But the wear has not gone all the way though the...
  5. Technical Questions
    I bought an evo 5 gsr recently and it would idle very inconsistently to the point it would almost stall and then jump high, so I bought a new idle control valve as the one that was on there looked like it was bodged. I’ve had it on there for a few days and probably driven it about 80 miles in...
  6. Engine / Turbo
    Hi there Please be kind to me - I'm new on this forum, and am assisting my husband with various issues on his Evo V. He is not new to Evos and has a lots of experience with them, but this is a puzzle. Cutting a very long story short, we find ourselves with new cams but no followers, and after...
  7. Technical Questions
    hi All , the seat extension on my original recaros has rusted pins.and therefore wont extend. before i try ye'old wd40 and hammer approach i just wanted to ask if anyone has had this problem before? if so any advice would be very welcome :smthumbup evo 5 gsr: scotia white
  8. Technical Questions
    Hi all, I have an evo 5 which has a misfire under load in 3rd,4th and 5th gear. I’ve spent the last few days reading posts in the forum and the general consensus is to replace plugs, (gap them correctly) and if still not resolved then replace coil packs. I’ve been using the bpr8es plugs for...
  9. Wanted
    Hey guys, Looking for a Evo 5 shell. Must be clean and Tidy, HPI clear. Ideally the more stripped down the better as I'm looking to do a complete swap over. Cheers Guys
  10. Projects & Restorations
    Hi, This is my first post on this forum, I am not great at this writing thing. So bare with me. So I have been working on a CK Lancer Evo 5 conversion for some months now. And I thought why not share my progress. So here goes.
  11. Private Sales - Cars
    SOLD! £10 500 ono My White Evo 5 RS is up for sale due to a change in personal priorities, looking to get a house and can no longer afford to run or maintain this fantastic car at the same time. I've owned the car since April 2016 and it has given me zero problems, with the exception of the...
  12. Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm after some evo 5 front seats and passenger door card. I'm open to buying a full set of evo 6 Seats and door cards depending on what people have available. Looking for good condition. Send me some pics to my email. Thanks Jake [email protected]
  13. Picture & Video Gallery
    Well last week I had a friend go and change my brake pads on my E5. He said that since he's doing that, if I want to have my calipers repainted as they were STi pink. Of course I would say yes, I'm sure anyone would :smthumbup So go a VHT Caliper spray at our local automotive store. About 6...
  14. Lancer Chat
    Is the spare wheel well in the boot underneath the carpet supposed to be covered by a hard board or something similar? Mine has only ever had a flimsy carpet sat on top of the spare wheel.
  15. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    300bhp - 40mpg - Evo 5 drivetrain - Practical Estate! LPG Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 Manual 1997 140000 displayed km/miles, 110000 total combined mileage Due to unforseen circumstances I...
  16. Wanted
    I'm after a stock TD05 Evo 5 turbo asap as mine has bitten the dust. Needs to be in good condition, low miles preferable, not play or damage to the turbine.
  17. Wanted
    As above, I am looking for an Evo V Not too concerned on what colour aslong as it is in a good mechanical and clean condition. Thanks
  18. Suspension / Handling
    Hey everyone, I live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm new around here, just got my Evo V and couldn't pass inspection due to some steering and suspension parts. I need to replace the inner tie rods and bellows and also the rear toe link bushings does anyone have any idea if there are...
1-18 of 40 Results