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  1. Wanted
    Dose anyone know where there is a engine for sale. Car. MR FQ320 EVO VIII need a new engine.
  2. Engine / Turbo
    Hi I have an Evo 7 GTA (automatic trasmission) with a blown engine, but I'm going to buy a new engine. I would like to buy an 4B11 engine with a twin clutch SST. I would like to know if anyone has did an engine swap like this or if it's even possible without too many difficulties.
  3. Technical Questions
    Hi! I totally blew up my Evo VI GSR engine last weekend... ( ) Now i'm searching for a used engine on Ebay. What's the best choice for me? Will an engine from Evo 7 or 8 fit...
  4. Technical Questions
    Hi there. I'm having a new engine put in my evo 7 next week. The engine I bought is a JDM model and unlike the blown engine it doesn't run the EGR valve. Question: should I transfer the old valve onto the new lump or leave it as it is? There is no wiring or sensors involved so just need to know...
1-4 of 4 Results