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  1. Technical Questions
    Anyone ever followed this guide? I keep getting a CEL (P0400) and I have no leaking or loose pipes so reckon the valve is faulty. Not paying the stupid money Mitsi want for it so...
  2. Technical Questions
    Hi there. I'm having a new engine put in my evo 7 next week. The engine I bought is a JDM model and unlike the blown engine it doesn't run the EGR valve. Question: should I transfer the old valve onto the new lump or leave it as it is? There is no wiring or sensors involved so just need to know...
  3. ECU / Mapping
    Hi guys, just bought a Evo 7 FQ300, the orange engine light is on and flagging fault code is P0400 – EGR Valve. It was taken to wallace performance and they advised me it needs to be sorted on the peripheral files, as it could have been geekmapped. If so is there anyone down south, kent area...
1-3 of 3 Results