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  1. Lancer Chat
    Hey, I have done some research and saw an evo 5 rom that could do launch control and switchable maps. Would anyone be having a copy of that as the site where it was stored ( is now out of operation. The original poster was AndyF_RSX. Thanks in advance
  2. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    Hi Every one, I would like to do TC-SST Flash my 2009 Lancer Ralliart to 2011 EvoX Firmware version. I'm not sure my SST will have any effect or not? I read many information and see the video about how to flash. I saw some guy said after we are flash software to new version 2011...
  3. ECU / Mapping
    Afternoon, just recently purchased an E4 and put a E8 ECU in the car. The car will crank over but it won't actually fire up. So I went and tried reading the ROM off the car but I have had no luck. I have uninstalled/installed EcuFlash over a dozen times and made sure that all the drivers...
  4. Private Sales - Parts
    :smthumbup $ 199.00 :smthumbup I am selling this brand new still in the box wideband gauge with O2 sensor and Bung because I bought the wrong one. What I am looking to use it for my software does not have support for it. I have not even open the box yet because it has yet to arrive. It costed...
1-4 of 4 Results