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  1. Lancer Chat
    Hello guys, Iam from Germany and drive an Lancer CYO 1.6 4A92. I want tune up my ECU file but I need the right Metadata. I can't find it anywhere. Pls help :)
  2. Lancer Chat
    Hey, I have done some research and saw an evo 5 rom that could do launch control and switchable maps. Would anyone be having a copy of that as the site where it was stored ( is now out of operation. The original poster was AndyF_RSX. Thanks in advance
  3. ECU / Mapping
    Hi, Does anyone know which pins i need to get to fit the standard ECU plugs? Thanks.
  4. Technical Questions
    Hi there, I looking for a little advice. Ive had a little look around the forum and not found anything in relation to my problem so ive started a new thread, but please if there is anything here that will help just point me into the right direction. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a...
  5. Technical Questions
    Hi all would really appreciate any help please: My stock Evo IX 320 just decided not to start on me one morning. I drive it about 20miles a day (so battery is fine but has been charged to make sure). The night before I went and picked up some fuel, drove home not problems. The following...
  6. ECU / Mapping
    I don't know if i need a map or not. Ive just got the car, Its and Viii 340 mr , the only mods are a decat and mushroom filter. Sometimes when stopping, normally when manoeuvring the car at slow speeds the car seems to bog down and nearly stall itself, does anyone have any suggestions. Cheers,
  7. Engine / Turbo
    Hi, just purchased a turbo off an Evo 9 (TD05HR-16G5C-10.5T) for my Evo 4 GSR. I plan on running the HKS 272 cams, already has a uprated fuel pump, 3" stainless exhaust, stainless manifold, and stainless elbow. Just wondering what injectors will i need for the best set up? And while I'm here i...
  8. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    Hey all, I've had ongoing problems with my Lancer this year. I've had the ECU and ABS pump reconditioned at great expense, yet a short while later the same error appears. I sent it back for further investigation and the garage found no fault, said it was likely a wiring problem but couldn't be...
  9. Technical Questions
    Hi all, I am new to the forum, so apologies in advance for any foolish questions/omissions! I have recently bought a 2009 Lancer GS4 Sportback 2.0L DiD and have been over the moon with it so far (replaced my ailing Ford Focus and haven't looked back!). The first hiccup occurred the other day...
  10. Wanted
    I have a fairly standard MR FQ300 running 360bhp. I am looking for the bits which will help it on it's way to 400bhp / close torque. I already have a decat exhaust fitted, but am looking for the following uprated bits: Decent cold air intake 272 Cams ECU - Power FC or similar Exhaust manifold...
  11. ECU / Mapping
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn how to disassemble my ROM using IDA pro 6.1 but I'm running into a few stumbling blocks. I open the .bin file that I want to disassemble, the stock EA24b file for my Evo 2, and select the Motorola 6811 series processor. But then I'm faced with a series of...
  12. Technical Questions
    Hi. Was just after a bit of advice and different peoples opinions really. I am looking for a good all round tool capable of diagnosing both ecu and ayc ecu faults for e5-e8. (And with the possibility of future mapping)After a bit of googling and looking on here EvoScan keeps coming up. I have...
  13. ECU / Mapping
    Hi, I've just bought an Evo 8, that was fitted a few years back with a Autronics SMC ECU. It's got a rough idle when cold so I wanted to see if I could read any engine codes.. Can I plug a cable into the ODB port and read off with something like Torque Pro or EvoScan or as it's an aftermarket...
  14. Wanted
    Hi everyone. As in title, I'm after a 4 plug EVO7 or 8 ECU. PM if you have one.
  15. Wanted
    Hey guys, As the title implies, looking for a good second hand ecu for my evo 6, with knock control, anti lag and a good amount of logging capability. Cheers, Julian
  16. Private Sales - Parts
    Hi! Evo 7 TOMEI Ecu for sale. Fits Evo 4-8. Price shipped: 550.- PM for any more infos. Thanks
  17. ECU / Mapping
    I'm looking to replace an Evo 4 ecu cause i know it can't be mapped. It's for a rally car and i have a 34mm restrictor on the turbo. I want something cheap as possible and if i can have anti lag and launch control would be a plus but not mandatory!
  18. ECU / Mapping
    hi, just wondering if it is possible to have 3 modes with the ecu on a evo 6 tme? 1 for racing 1 for normal driving and 1 for maximum fuel economy? cheers for any help.
  19. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    hi chaps, did someone successfully utilize a toggle switch for 7+ as a substitute for the OEM ICS switch? if so I would greatly appreciate the doing of. here's my approach: toggle switch DP3T ON-OFF-ON*. one side works ECU, other LED. what currents are demanded to trigger ECU manual (ON*) and...
  20. Private Sales - Parts
    hello, i got 1 evo 5 ecu and 1 evo 6 ecu for sale looking for 75,- each inc postage :) the evo 6 one is for a EUDM car... need to swap pin 8 and 22 to work on a JDM car the evo 5 is for a JDM evo !!!!!!! both are without case and on both are the boost solenoid exit broken!!! they work fine...
1-20 of 26 Results