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  1. ECU / Mapping
    So slightly weird one... Sometimes I walk up to the car, press the unlock button, get in and she starts up fine... And every now and again... Walk up to the car, press the unlock button, nothing happens... so unlock manually with the key, get in, put the key in and then... turn to key position...
  2. ECU / Mapping
    Hey peeps, Had the worst weekend... Blown out tyre on the m-way and when pumping up the biscuit tyre, my engine won't start! Had it towed to dealer but they saying ECU problem... The thing is, Last week i had a safety recall where the dealer refitted a wiring loom case and the ECU was removed...
  3. Engine / Turbo
    driving down 58 in Japan, hit second boosted 0.5 bar, shift to third. gassing it but the speed and rpm's start to drop. came to a stop and car died :blah:. check vacuum lines after trying to start a few times and found one connecting straight into intake manifold busted in half. replaced it on...
1-3 of 3 Results