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  1. Private Sales - Parts
    SOLD Forge dump valve in good working order. Type RS Valve - Recirculating, adjustable. According to the Forge Motorsport site it fits Evo's 4 to 10 "The Forge RS valve has been specifically designed and engineered, to offer extreme flow rate capability, where other valves are just not up to...
  2. Private Sales - Parts
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling this after taking it off my evo 8 this week due to changing to a Forge dump Valve. The pipe is in good condition as is the Dump valve. Sounds great as atmospheric or you can buy an adaptor to make it recirc. The pipe fits with the rest of the HKS kit and I am only...
  3. Private Sales - Parts
    £90 delivered This is a dump valve for Evos Located in East Midlands Contact [email protected] or just PM me.
  4. Engine / Turbo
    I've fitted a Forge BOV to my X and it makes a horrible noise almost like a duck 'quack'. Anyone know why/how to solve it? I've adjusted the spring to both extremes with no luck and also lubed it thoroughly... :confused: Here's a video clip of this horrific noise! :cry:
  5. Engine / Turbo
    Hello Gents. I have an 8MR - however i cant hear the wastegate releasing the unwanted boost pressure, are they normally audible ? I drve a 1.6Turbo during the day as a daily driver and that whistles and farts on every gearchange, however the evo doesnt, is this normal ? Also on rapid release...
  6. Private Sales - Parts
    £80 DELIVERED:coolsm: New = For sale is my Split R BOV. Sound's really good, not too loud but it's definetly noticable. Hardly been used as can be seen...
1-6 of 6 Results