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  1. Wanted
    Hi. I'm after the dash trim pieces and gear surround please. Piano Black / Carbon etc Must be very good condition. Thanks!
  2. Technical Questions
    hello everyone bought lancer evo 6 week ago dont know alot about them, its has a red switch in the little square bit to the left of the steering wheel does anyone have any idea what this could be will upload some pictures soon i pulled apart the dash and it has 2 or 3 wires coming off the back...
  3. Electrical / Security / ICE / Navigation
    So, removed the thin dash panels trim that goes across the dash and upper door plastic strips and covered them with some great cf colour flip vinyl. I am stuck on how to remove the silver strip above the Rockford fosgate system in the dash though. The silver kind of annoys me... Any ideas...
  4. Wanted
    Hey guys, Looking for an Evo 6 GSR dash loom, must be original and uncut. (Previous owner decided to chop, tape and twist pretty much every wire under there and I want to sort it out!) Not sure if E4+5's are the same loom? Hopefully someone can confirm this. Thanks.
  5. Wanted
    Hi everyone. I'm in a need of the following items: EVO6-9 rear lower arms both sides, with the 2 rose joints and the rubber bush where the rear shock attaches. Can be new or used, but MUST have very good bushes and joints. Or replacement bushes-joints are fine but will need someone to fit them...
  6. Wanted
    As per the title- currently have 3 Defi gauges in a pod on top of the dash, and it's not really to my taste. Want to put the 3 of them on the A pillar, think they're 52mm diameter. Cheers! :smthumbup
  7. Private Sales - Parts
    here we have a set of clocks for the evo 8 and 9 with 9,000 miles these fit in with out any mods just plug in and go i put these clocks in my car an it read in mph with out changing anythink all working perfect in mph good condition pm me if you want them
1-7 of 7 Results