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    Hi All, Here is a revisit to a location I flew when I first started to fly quadcopters back in August 2012. Its a disused quarry on Dartmoor, the stone from this quarry made the Falklands War Memorial at Port Stanley on the Falkland islands. Video and radio signal stayed constant while playing...
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    Hi All, Here is a quick video I made near Vixen Tor on Dartmoor, Devon. It was a very windy day and a lot of effort to stay on course but all made great by such beautiful sights. Best viewed full screen @720p
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    Hi All, Here is a video of the death of my Quadcopter. This was the first attemp to coordinate 3 different cameras to make one shot using 2 multicopters and a head cam.....well it did not go so well for me but lessons were learned and procedures set. Damage was all four props broken, motor...
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    Hi All, Here is a great flight I had the other day after work, the weather was perfect for FPV but as you can see by the ice forming on the water it was very cold up there. Best Viewed full screen @720p :smthumbup
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    Hi all, Here is a video I did during the weekend at Two Bridges on Dartmoor. I managed to sneak my self (quadcopter) into some peoples photos while they were being taken, I wish I could get a copy :laugh: it was so easy lining up the shot via FPV Best viewed full screen @720p Please comment...
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    Hi all, Here is a video from the weekend where I try and keep close to the ground while following a path. Really give you a sense of speed. The two clips with the railings were done LOS but the rest was FPV. N-joy Best viewed full screen and settings to 720p