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  1. Picture & Video Gallery
    One for Goginawa - short movie I made at Grobnik track (Croatia) on Tuesday. It was an insanely hot day, temp was around 38-40C plus humidity... It was my first time there so I'm still learning the track and all my rounds were made in the GT-R as wife wouldn't let her X go (she was having too...
  2. Picture & Video Gallery
    Hi! Well, finally I have managed to gather all the pieces me and my wife decided we liked for our Evo X, and these were installed few days ago. So in addition to pics found in the original thread ( ) here are few more: Indecent behind...
  3. Non-Mitsubishi Vehicles
    Here are some pics of my GT-R, as it roused some interest when I posted pics of my wife's Evo X. When I took the photos the car wasn't particularly clean but since the car is black, its never particularly clean! Anyways, you can see I'm bit of a carbon junky! (need to get carbon side mirrors...
1-3 of 3 Results