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  1. Engine / Turbo
    Hi guys I have had my evo 8 fq280 for a couple of months now and when I got it she was running fine with no problems, not the same story now. So issue one is there is a bit of miss fireing when I try and boot it, number two when I try to start my car she’s sloppy doesn’t want to start and cuts...
  2. Technical Questions
    New member here. Thank you for this forum! Need info help on my 03 Lancer es. Just changed radiator and thermostat on car. Trying to get the air out of radiator. Is there a bleeder valve on this model? My radiator fans are not coming on nor is the fluid circulating in radiator. Put the cap...
  3. Technical Questions
    Hi, Bought my Evo 8 FQ 330 recently and checked it the other day and the coolant is low so wanted to top it up but don't know what make of coolant it is. It is blue so can i just add a some more good quality blue coolant such as Comma XStream G40...
1-3 of 4 Results