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  1. Technical Questions
    Might sound like a noob question (because it is) and I’m sure it’s been repeated many times. Currently in the process of buying a evo 8 gsr jdm. Would like to change the headlights and rear lights to mr (black housing) is this a straight plug in and play swap or a technical nightmare? Any...
  2. Lancer Chat
    Hi, I went to have a look at an Evo IV and fell in love with it. However, when I saw the registration document it said that it was manufactured in 1990 with the chassis code "CSNC64" followed by eight more characters (total of 14 characters instead of the usual 17). I immediately assumed that it...
  3. Wanted
    5 Speed Gearbox Evo 8, no crunches, grinding, knotching or generally any problems My 6 speed has gears grinding 1-2 and i would like to convert to 5 speed for a number or reasons Regards shaun
  4. Gearbox / Clutch / Transmission
    I currently pedal a DC5 Integra as a toy, and am looking at replacing it with a V or VI in the new year. RS cars seem few and far between (and pricey), so I wondered what the rough costs are to convert a V, VI or even VIII to a diff setup? Are parts tricky to get hold of? TIA :mitsi:
  5. Technical Questions
    Hi guys, I am planning to convert my 2.0GLS lancer FWD to AWD. My question is-do I need to replace my whole gearbox or is there provision on the current box for the conversion. Unlike most of m cars, I haven't had the chance to get down and dirty with my lancer to check the whole scenario out...
  6. Technical Questions
    Im in the process of buying an evo 8 engine for my 4 and need to know what work will be needed .would the 8 injectors be plug nd play or would there be any mods needed to make it work.if somebody that has one done could give me a few tips it would be greatly welcomed
1-6 of 6 Results