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  1. Picture & Video Gallery
    hi, im camilo from Bogota Colombia, i have a lancer 98 and im member of the Club Lancer Bogota (CLB) i want to show you the best photos of my car with the club, and the change's of look of my car enjoy: the look changes and in this moment the car is just like that...
  2. Regional Meets
    hi people, i wannted introduce the club lancer Bogota, here are some pics of the club: my car is the red :D 1.6 turbo turbo mi red :D
  3. Tyres / Wheels
    Hi folks! Please help me with a question. Buddy club P1 Racing QF 17x8 Offset 35 5x114,3 Will they fit a Evo 6 RS bolt on without spacers? Thanks in advance! Cheers // Cim
1-3 of 3 Results