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    Hi All, What an amazing site, there are old tin mining pits all over the place and plenty of ruins to fly around via FPV. This site dates back to 1180 as farm land and then the tin mining started around 1790 to fuel the industrial revolution. This day's flight started with a prop breaking mid...
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    Hi All, A quick revisit to this stunning woods turned out to be great fun. I was convinced that I would be taking the quad home in broken twisted parts but luckily not a single prop was damaged, maybe I just wasn't going fast enough lol. The woods are part of the Great Devon Consols which has...
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    Hi All, Well what a great start to 2014. Its been a few months since I have been able to fly FPV due to other commitments and terrible weather. The start of the video is the first full FPV flight I had done in good weather since before the new year and I enjoyed every second of it. I had to...
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    Hi All, As the cold weather has set in I have not been flying much so I decided to look through some old footage and found this day in the woods where I was just passing time practising some close proximity. Again the video link stayed rock solid even at its longest range in the forest. Best...
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    Hi All, Here is my first visit to this beautiful forest in Devon. CamSump and I decided to walk along the path and pick spots to fly as we found them. It was a very windy day which was perfect for the shelter of the forest but still gave me a few surprises. Plenty of close proximity flying and...
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    Hi All, Here is a quick test of my new FPV camera Sony PZ0420. I am testing how it handles light to dark transitions and it performed excellently! Best viewed full screen @720p
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    Hi All, I was lucky enough to be invited to fly FPV around my friends garden in Cornwall. The weather was terrible but I wasn't about to waste a day because of strong winds. Check out 3:40 in the video to see how strong the wind was, this kept my speed down but I will return when its sunny and...
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    Hi All, Some close calls and plenty of close proximity flight! This is a hidden away old mine which is about 500 meters deep and surrounded by derelict pump and engine houses, extra footage was provided by my spotter CamSump and his Quadcopter LOS. Best viewed full screen @720p
1-8 of 8 Results