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  1. Private Sales - Cars
    Hi guys, I tried to start an importing venture from Japan about a year ago, we imported an EVO 9 estate auto and haven't sold it yet. My partner is selling it this weekend for £6.5k, I'm highly dissapointed as we paid £9k for it. If anyone is interested and can pay something closer to the £9k...
  2. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    Hi guys, The ad is the same as the gumtree ad which I have put up earlier. This is my small little daily/toy. I had brought it with the intentions of doing a Startlet Gt Turbo swap into which would allow me to push 250bhp+ but then decided not too and just wait for the right EVO!! I may have...
  3. Private Sales - Cars
    evo 5 FOR SALE mint Hi, im selling my awesome evo v with regret.although i have only had her since august,i have enjoyed every drive.the genuine reason for this regretfull sale is im in the forces and my tour has been pushed forward to april so i dont want her stood for 8 months over the...
1-3 of 3 Results