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  1. Technical Questions
    Hi guys I've got an EVO 8 260 and I've been having a problem over the past few weeks where my car cranks but doesn't/struggles to start. It's worth a mention that throughout this problem once the cars started the car runs like a dream like it always has. A bit of a novel coming up but bare with...
  2. Non-Evo Cars for Sale
    Selling my girlfriends mini, very good nick and not a bad drive! Spec: R56 Mini Cooper S (Turbo-Charged as oppose to the older Supercharged version) - Better mpg/reliability. Red with black stripes all the way down. 17" flame alloys, plenty of meat on the tyres. Digital climate control...
  3. Wanted
    I've been looking for about 6 weeks now for a new car and have decided that the Lancer GS4 2.0 Di-D saloon would be perfect. However there doesn't seem to be many out there, anyone know of any for sale? Red would be an ideal colour. cheers
1-3 of 4 Results